While dried fruit, oils, herbal plants and nuts are processed somewhat similarly around the world, specialist producers use proprietary methods within processing plants to create them of the highest quality.

Bionabs is the name that people and connoisseurs associate with exquisite dried fruits, oils, herbal plants and nuts.

We create our own products, and Germany is one of the few manufacturers in the world offering high quality products to customers. We don't rely on anonymous international producers to supply our products, nor do we allow anyone else to re-label our precious yield.

Our ongoing pursuit of excellence combines an appreciation for tradition with the application of modern technology. For us, creating one of the natural delicacies requires patience, precision and a commitment to maintaining the very highest standards.

We're deeply committed to research and innovation to ensure we continue producing, dried fruits, nuts, herbal plants and oils, which is acknowledged by food lovers to be among the very best in the world for flavor, color and nutrition.

We're committed to sustainability every step of the way, from the land and gardens and practices to producing, packaging and distributing our products.

Our Vision

Our team strive to work in harmony with the environments, wildlife and nature to balance the ecosystem and healthy products. 

We are proud to share with you the pure nature in different type by our products. No chemical fertilizer and pesticides, utilizing modern and organic techniques and solutions, to maintain products safe and healthy for a family. 

Bionabs accomplished technical knowledge on their products affectionately, to bring the essence of nature to homes. The nature which is a source of our inspiration and motivation. 

Our Mission

Bionabs core principles guide and direct the organization and its culture to our vision.

In our values-led organization, the values created a moral compass for both company and the employees, which guides decision- making and establish a modern standard for the right organization behaviour and primary objectives related to our customers.

We concentrate on all the above critical processes to lead the desired level of performance.

Bionabs Co.

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