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It is obtained by cool sculpting pomegranate seed. This oil is beautiful as amber and has a pleasant smell.

Pomegranate seed oil is very nutritious and is used for medical and beauty purposes, locally on the skin and as a meal.

Its unique properties make it efficient for protecting the skin and hair and it is used in cosmetics such as soap, bath gel, massage oils, moisturizers and other skin protecting products.

1- Strengthening the skin

Pomegranate seed oil stimulates keratinocytes (the main cell on the outer layer of the skin) to reproduce and grow which helps the skin to heal the wounds. As a result, a new life is granted to the skin and it gets a better appearance.

2- Confronting free radicals

Pomegranate seed oil is composed of an unsaturated fatty acid named punicic acid which is some kind of omega 5 fatty acid and is a very powerful antioxidant. This fatty acid protects the skin against strong waves of the sun. In a survey on medical effects of pomegranate seed oil, it has been noted that skin cancer decreases amongst the rats that were exposed to the chemicals by using Pomegranate seed oil.

3-Suitable for all kinds of skin

Same as many of special oils, Pomegranate seed oil penetrates deep in the skin and brings about a permanent and healthy moisture for the skin. This oil is suitable for greasy skins, skins full of acne and also for dry skins. 

4-Anti-inflammatory properties

Pomegranate seed oil is suitable for those suffering from eczema, psoriasis and sun burn. This oil waters their skin and softens it. The anti-inflammatory materials in this oil heals the inflammation and skin redness. This oil delivers the nutrients directly to the skin and facilitates skin rebirth.

5-Skin tissue improvement

Pomegranate oil consists of some kind of precursor of estrogen hormone which is consistent with human body. This oil balances the hormones in men and women and due to this very hormone precursor is suitable for skin tissue improvement. 

6- Anti-aging creams

One of the ingredients of anti-aging creams is Pomegranate seed oil. The rehabilitative effect of this oil is helpful in removing the obvious symptoms of aging on the skin.

7-Antioxidant properties

Like the pomegranate itself, Pomegranate seed oil is also capable of antioxidant properties and fights with a lot of antioxidants which cause skin cancer. This oil results in consolidation and elasticity in the skin due to having collagen.

8- Enlivening of dry hairs

This oil protects the hairs against environmental pollutions and gives a new life to the hairs.

9-Blood flow stimulus in the skin

Pomegranate seed oil strengthens the blood vessels, increases blood flow in the head and as a result, causes more growth of hairs and will brings you longer and thick hairs.

10- Destroying dandruff

Follicle pores of hair are shut closed due to dandruff and peeling of hair skin. This issue harms hair follicles and obstructs hair growth. Pomegranate seed oil rubs off such peels and strengthens hairs growth.

11- Anti-scratching properties

Pomegranate seed oil fights head skin bacteria. Its anti-scratching effects are suitable for those who suffer from psoriasis and eczema. It also heals redness, inflammation, etc.

12- nourishment of the hairs

Pomegranate seed oil increases the blood flow towards hairs roots which causes the hair follicles to receive the required nutrients and facilitates hairs growth.

13- hairs growth and health

Pomegranate seed oil is a proper source of vitamin C which is essential for hairs growth and health. Vitamin C strengthens the connective tissues where the hair follicles are located.

14- an effective hairs tonic

Pomegranate seed oil when combined with carrier oils such as coconut oil, almond oil and vitamin E oil, has tonic effects. Heated Pomegranate seed oil is used for healing of curly hairs.

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