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The Miraculous properties of dill

  • Eating dill heals cough and shortness of breath
  • Dill is good for shortness of breath, hiccups, stomach and liver and spleen weakness, kidney and bladder stones, colitis, joints pain, menstrual pain and genital diseases.
  • Dill is a food cooker, and treatment for obstruction of the abdomen, urine, menstruation and milk, and its seeds are more efficient in this case. Dill is efficient in healing jaundice, Phlegmatic diseases, Hiccups, gastric, liver and spleen malaise.
  • Dill with warm and dry nature, is beneficial for phlegmatic and cold nature people.
  • From traditional medicine point of view fresh dill, is reducer of body temperaments, blocked arteries opener, an appetizer, and can lower blood glucose levels in diabetic patients by increasing insulin secretion. Let's not forget that modern medicine also emphasizes that the use of fresh dill reduces triglycerides and cholesterol level at blood.
  • Dill water is a lenitive for pain in the abdomen and intestines, and flatulence resolver that is caused by overeating because of starvation.
  • Drinking dill boiled water removes hiccups and causes vomiting of corrupt food. Drinking dill boiled water reduces back and kidney and bladder pain.
  • Dropping dill water in the ear helps in healing ear diseases. Dill tea reduces flatulence. If you can use it with honey, the mixture eliminates the body toxins and thick temperaments from the stomach and doing this at spring is beneficial for the treatment of gastrointestinal tract.
  • Bionabs brings this herbal plant to its products to take a step in the nutrition health, by the way in case of any allergic or special diet, it is suggested to get your doctor advice. 

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