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properties  - Liquorice 

Liquorice is mostly a wild herb than cultivated. Its leaves are compound which consists of 4 to 7 leaf couple and an additional leaflet at the end which are sticky due to sap discharge. Its flowers grow in violet, yellow, purple or whitish blue and its fruit contains 5 to 6 seeds which tend brown. Its root and stem have medical uses.

The part is mostly used is its underground stems and roots which contain various materials. The most important substance that makes it sweet is the compound in its roots named glycyrrhizinic acid which is 50 times sweeter than sugar. This acid increases as the plant ages.

The ingredients in the root of liquorice are useful for coping with tooth decay. They also contain anti microbe properties so its juice can be used as an anti-decay component in the mouthwash solutions and also toothpaste.

Liquorice properties

  • The most important property of liquorice which has been recently discovered is that it helps the treatment of ulcers and gastric cancer.
  • This plant is useful for general reinforcement of the body and it prevents early ageing and also helps to soften the breasts.
  • Wash the wounds and blisters of your skin with liquorice tisane to facilitate their treatment.
  • Liquorice is a natural laxative and useful for indigestion and bloating treatment.

Root and stem of liquorice

  • One can suck liquorice roots to heal the wounds and inflammations in the mouth.
  • This plant is effective in the treatment of gastritis and asthma.
  • This plant reinforces the eyes and fixed the headache. For this purpose, powder 2 grams of liquorice root and combine with 1 gram of sugar and 1 gram of fennel. Then wet it in the water and eat it every day.
  • It is effective for losing weight if it is consumed before a meal.
  • In traditional medicine, it is used for the treatment of muscle spasm and swelling, rheumatism and arthritis.
  • Liquorice juice is nowadays used in cough syrup as well.
  • Liquorice is diuretic too and can be used as a local anti-virus factor which would heal the wounds and inflammation of shingles, eyes, mouth and genitals.

Liquorice juice

If the roots of liquorice are boiled and its water evaporated, a (brownish) black matter is obtained which is the desired juice. This material is available in either solid or sap from. Liquorice juice is used extensively in medicine, pharmacy, food and health industries.

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