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Tarragon’s properties 

Anti-rheumatic properties of tarragon

You would better know that two important factors are involved in rheumatism (joints’ pain) and arthritis (inflammation and inflation of joints): 1) improper blood flow and lymph, especially in the organs such as hand and legs; and 2) concentration of venom such as uric acid in the body. Well, provided with these explanations, either one of the followings should happen:

Whether the healing matter helps blood flow and facilitate it or there should be anti-venom, namely take the venom out of the body.

Volatile tarragon oils are useful for this disease due to the first reason - they are capable of increasing the blood flow. Therefore, make the wounded area hot and moreover, help to prevent acid uric from concentrating in such special areas. Tarragon also helps to remove poisons via stimulation of urination and excretion.

Appetizer properties of tarragon

Tarragon helps stomach discharge gastric juices and hence increases the appetite. This process begins from the moment you put it in your mouth, where the saliva is produced. In the lower parts of the digestive system, gastric juice and gall bladder are discharged to ease food digestion in the stomach and if not, namely the stomach would be empty, increase the appetite.

Anti-parasite properties of tarragon

The poison in this oil helps to get rid of body worms. These include the nematode and cestode which are found in the intestine, hookworm that can move to anywhere in the body and maggot that even exists on the wounds. Of course, while these oils are used locally and out of the body, there is nothing to worry about. But when consumed as food, you have to be careful and consume it under supervision of a physician.

Recipe for tarragon tea:

Prepare a cup of boiled water and then pour a spoon of stem and leaves of tarragon in it and wait for 10 minutes until it stews well, then drinks it warm.

It is recommended to drink a cup of tarragon tea every day.

The properties of tarragon tea are as follows:

  • Helps the liver to produce more bile and therefore facilitate digestion and detoxification.
  • Helps relaxation and calming of nerves
  • It is useful for healing toothache
  • It is used for disinfection of wounds and rifts due to its antibacterial properties.
  • It is helpful for healing depression.

Bionabs brings this herbal plant to its products to take a step in the nutrition health, by the way in case of any allergic or special diet, it is suggested to get your doctor advice. 

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