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Dried Fig

Boiling dried fig in milk gives a drink that softens chest and stomach, and gargling it would soften the throat.

  • Dried fig is useful in the treatment of indigestion, as well as stomach bloating and stomach ulcers
  • Dried figs can be used to eliminate bad breath.

One of the properties of dried fig is that its mixture with honey is effective in relieving gastric ulcer.

Dried fig, effective for physical strength 

Due to the iron in dried figs, people who have problems with the blood supply in the body are advised to eat ten figs a day. For people who are physically weak consuming dried figs is very beneficial because a lot of health problems including constipation, stomach ulcers, thirst, lung infection, fever, cough, nerves, and chest pain are all caused by vitamin deficiency.

Other properties of dried figs that can be mentioned is that fig has a fattening effect. Dried fig is useful in improving urine frequency. Dried fig, if supplemented with almonds and pistachios, increases body strength.

Dried fig benefits for people with anaemia

Dried figs contain large quantities of iron and vitamins C. A mixture of these two nutrients makes dried fig a great choice for anaemia, especially those with iron deficiency anaemia.

On the other hand, dried figs, due to their high sugar content, also cause cell activity and high energy production in the body. It is also a good source of potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins A, B and C.

Benefits and properties of dried figs for the treatment of constipation 

The health benefits of dried figs that can be stated are that dried figs can be consumed to improve the treatment and preventing constipation. In fact, dried figs soaked in water or milk are the most effective way in the treatment of constipation. The fibre in the dry fig helps healthy intestinal function; this prevents constipation. To eliminate constipation, soak 10 figs and pour in water and eat them before breakfast in the morning.

Dried fig properties for the relief of shortness of breath

Dried fig is effective in the improvement of respiratory inflammation, pneumonia, asthma, and shortness of breath. Fig syrup is beneficial for sore throat and coughs and is a light laxative, soak 5 to 10 dried figs in some water to make them thick and syrupy

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