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  • Dried Raisins are nutritious and are found throughout the year, like other dried fruits.
  • It is an energy-rich, low-fat and low-sodium food. Therefore, eating raisins is very useful for people who should have low sodium diets.

Raisin has antioxidant properties and prevents cellular degradation.

Raisins play an important role in bone health and the prevention of osteoporosis, which is the reason that it is very beneficial for women before menopause. Raisin is a good source of vitamin D and Estrogen hormone.

Despite being sweet and sticky, raisin can prevent tooth decay.

Raisin is a good source of vitamins and nutrient elements for the body. Elements and vitamins such as iron, potassium, calcium and vitamin B are available in raisins. Raisin is rich in iron. 

Raisins are a good source of fibre, antioxidants, and a great source of energy. Fibre helps to prevent colon cancer and abnormal cell growth.

Add raisins to meat for lowering the amount of fat in the diet and increase the amount of fibre and iron and reduce sodium. Antioxidants reduce ageing and its relevant diseases.

Raisin decreases LDL. It lowers cholesterol in the blood and reduces the risk of heart disease.Raisin helps in reducing stress

This dried fruit contributes to the proper vascular function of the body.

Raisins are used in treating stomach and constipation disorders. To prevent these diseases, you can soak 5-6 raisins and drink its water after a few hours.

Researches have shown that athletes who consume about one cup of raisins before and during exercise protect their body posture from damage in a better way.

Raisins have fast-energy consumption and cause weight loss due to fructose sugar. Raisin, like carrots, is good for eye health. Raisin strengthens the nerves. 

Raisins are helpful in the treatment of fatigue.

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