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Pistachio Oil

The Pistachio oil is extracted by cold press method which is lightly filtered. The oil is dark green with intense pistachio flavors.

It has high content of linoleic acid, essential fatty acids, vitamin E, excellent source of biotin, the ceramide concentration, Omega-9 and Omega-6. It is one of the healthiest edible oils. Which used as table oil in order to enhance the flavor of steamed vegetables.

  • pistachio oil is a costly edible oil. Our body can obtain many nutrients from the pistachio oil as one of the ingredients. It is used in cooking such as pasta, salad dressing, baked pastries, grilled meat, fish.
  • It may help to protects the heart health and counteracts bad cholesterol.
  • It could be used for massage and aromatherapy.
  • Being a great source of Vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant. It may prevent the skin from dryness and also may acts as a great moisturizer.
  • It may prevent the skin from sun damage, sun burns and skin cancer.
  • As it is a great source of biotin, it can help to encounter hair loss.
  • In addition, pistachio oilcontains vitamin K and is a natural, rich source of biotin. These properties promote stronger hair growth. 
  • pistachio oil may help in reducing inflammation in the body. It is good at reducing mild aches and relieving.  
  • May be attributed to any of the aromatic compounds that make up its wonderful smell.  
  • There are extensive benefits to using pistachio oil in a balanced diet as well, as the oil has been shown to reduce high blood pressure in type II diabetes patients, lower cholesterol, among other benefits.
  • The pistachio oil can help to reduce fine wrinkles in the skin. This “anti-aging” ability is what has made pistachio oil so popular as an ingredient in many quality skincare products.
  • Because of pistachio oil’s abilities, the oil can penetrate skin layers to impart their antioxidant and vitamin E properties where they can do the best.
  • The pistachio benefits for skin are many and will leave you looking more youthful in appearance.

There must be many more beneficial effects that pistachio oil must be providing which need to be explored and verified.  


Still more research is needed to confirm these beneficial effects of pistachio oil on humanity body. And suggested to take your doctor advise before any especial treatment.

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